K9 Coffee Hide and Seek Medium/Dark Organic Roast

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Ground or Bean: Ground
 You can run but you can't hide. Did you know the sense of smell of a German Shepherd Dog is about 100,000x greater than that of a human. K9's noses are armed with over 225 million scent receptors. Their brains have a "scent computer" devoted solely to processing and analyzing smells that is 40x greater than that of a human. It is no wonder a police K9 can detect odours over a kilometer away!
Fortunately you won't need the keen senses of a K9 to enjoy this balanced and bold brew.
Medium/Dark Roast

100% Certified Organic, Fairtrade, Arabica Bean Coffee
Blend of Asian (Sumatra), South American (Peru), & African (Ethiopia) Beans
Grown 1200-2000 MAS (Meters above sea level)
Process: Washed and dried in the sun
At K9 Coffee Co we roast this just past the medium level. You won't be hiding from this cup, as your senses will seek more. This roast has balanced medium acidity, with bold flavours of dark chocolate, vanilla, and cherry, while finishing with subtle grape sweetness.
An absolute crowd favourite for those stuck between a medium and a dark roast who want a little more depth than a medium roast without the heavier spice and body of a true dark roast. 
Is it a medium or is it dark roast? Don't let this roast "Hide" from you, "Seek" and find out why everyone is talking about this one!
*Mug Not Included!*