K9 Coffee Long Line Light Roast Organic Coffee

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Ground or Bean: Ground
There is something sleek, clean, and sophisticated about a K9 Team working together in perfect harmony.  K9 Teams often use a "long line" for various operational duties. Lines or leashes vary in length from a few feet to over 50+ feet, and are held by the handler while connected to a dogs collar or harness. Highly trained K9 Teams can communicate silently and tactically through just the feeling of the "long line". 

Light Roast (almost a lighter medium)

100% Certified Organic, Fairtrade, Arabica Coffee
Single Origin Mexico Beans (Oaxaca Region)

Grown 1000-1700 MAS (meters above sea level)
Process: Fully washed and dried in the sun
Our Long Line light roast is a fair trade, organically grown coffee that comes from the southwest region of Mexico in the Sierra Madre del Sur Coastal Mountains. Fertile clay soils 1000+ meters above the Pacific Ocean allow these beans to grow to a distinguished flavor profile unique to this area.
Low to medium acidity with notes of orange zest fruit, mellow chocolate, and cream. 
Makes a fantastic iced coffee, or anyone looking for that slightly lighter, brighter, more fruit flavoured cup. 
 *Mug Not Included!*