We print our stickers on 6mil white vinyl then over-laminate with either a gloss or matte finish. Our stickers are contour cut which means the edge of the sticker follows your design. We also have an easy release backing paper to aid in sticker peeling. These stickers are highly durable, extremely resistant to scratching and fully waterproof.

We also offer holographic foil stickers which add a bright rainbow effect to your prints.

All of our stickers are very competitively priced, we offer fast turnaround on production and include any artwork that might be needed to upscale your designs or remove any unwanted artifacts.

You can use our web store to quickly order stickers or contact us if you need a quantity not listed or a mix of sizes. Please let us know if you would like a proof before production!

Looking for something we haven't mentioned, shoot us a message!

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Direct to Garment Printing

We have a specialist printer that allows us to print directly onto clothing. This differs from screen printing as we aren't limited by the number of colours we can apply and we can create full shaded works or even photographs!

Want to apply your own artwork? We can also use the same printer to create transfer sheets which you can iron onto your own clothes at home! Great for those who want to add things like artist logos or printed clothing tags.

DTG printing uses certified biodegradable water based inks and is good for 100 wash cycles.

Looking for a quote on your own printed clothing? Send us an email!

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Laser Engraving

We have 2 machines for laser engraving giving us the ability to engrave almost any material.

Our most popular items are mugs and tumblers, leather and badges. We can also make custom metal business cards, glassware, keychains, tags, knives, ceramics, wooden items and acrylics!

If you have something in mind, please contact us as there are endless options!

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Printing Services

The same printer that makes our stickers can also print onto a huge range of papers and vinyls.

We can produce wallpapers, photo backdrops, canvas prints, window films and clings, vehicle decals and even custom packaging! Our printer can handle up to 64" wide media and uses biodegradable solvent free inks which offer long life and excellent UV and abrasion resistance.

All work on printing is quoted to the square inch ensuring the best price we can offer! Message us if you have any questions on what we can do for you!

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Embroidered items offer the most durable way to get your logo or design produced. Able to withstand more washes than screening or printing, we can add your artwork to a HUGE range of shirts, hats, hoodies, jackets, bags and blankets!

Subject to a one off fee to convert your art into a stitch file, once its created it can be added easily to almost any part of a garment.

We offer great rates on clothing and hats and have rates for bulk or resale for your own small business or convention.

Convention and Small Business

Weather you are sourcing products for a convention or you're an artist looking for a merchandise store, we have you covered!

Due to the huge range of products we can produce in house, we can be your one stop shop for a huge range of products. We can help make your convention signs, stickers, badges, con store products and guest giveaways. Bulk pricing available on all items and we will help you source, design and produce everything ready for the event!

Looking for an online store instead? We can host your custom designed products on our site, produce and ship them once an order is placed and send you profit shares at the end of every month. This removes the need to buy a stack of product ahead of putting them on sale and potentially getting stuck with unsold items while still maintaining full control over the design and brand of clothing used!

Looking for a sample kit? We can custom make items for you to test! Email us for details!

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